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Agrement of Romania Tourism Ministery n 5206 / 11.12.2001



The Prahova Valley


Close to the River Teleajen's source, at an altitude of 880 m, in a small depression guarded by the peaks of Zaganu Mountains (1883 m), Ciucas Mountains (1956m) and Bobu (1684m), there is the Maneciu Resort, facing the sun for the most part of the day. The sub-alpine climate, with an intensely ozonized air, and with cool summers is recommended for asthmatic persons as well as for those who feel intellectually overworked.

Starting from Cheia, one-day excursions to the most interesting spots of the Ciucas and Zaganu Mountains can be organized. The rock formations here and in the Bucegi Mountains create picturesque and strange relief units. Among others, there is a "Sphinx" close to Bratocea Gorge called "Babele la sfat" and another rock grouping called "Goliat's Tower.

Rasnov, with its rustic city built between the 14th and 17th centuries atop a huge rock formation, dominates the surroundings. Within its fortress is a well, which, according to legend, would have been dug by two Turkish prisoners in exchange for being released if they found water. The prisoners, so the story goes, dug for 19 years to reach a depth of 140 meters, but it is not known whether or not they were finally released after finding water.


Bran Castle

The Bran Castle is one of the high points of this visit, with all its legends-proven or not.
It is also possible to visit Brasov, with its medieval center and its many places of interest among which is The Black Church, the largest church in Transylvania.

In Sinaia, you can visit:

-the Peles Castle, built in the German Renaissance style. It has a monumental exterior construction while inside, the approximately 160 rooms have diverse styles, ranging from the German, Italian and English Renaissance to Baroque, French, Hispanic and Moorish Rococo.

-Pelisor Castle, built between 1899-1903 in the German Renaissance style

-Sinaia Monastery's Museum, the first religious museum in Romania.

The Monastery of Sinaia was built by the noble Mihail Cantacuzino between 1690 and 1695, after to his pilgrimage to the Sinai Mountain.

Moreover, the town bears the name of this monastery. The monastery has a museum of religious art as well as patriotic national artifacts.


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