Dorin and Maria PARASCHIVGuest House, Starchiojd, Romania

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Agrement of Romania Tourism Ministery n 5206 / 11.12.2001



Ideas of activities in our region of Romania

We have created this page to help you organize your holidays while staying at our guesthouse. These are only some proposals to give you an idea of what you can see and do in our area. We are open to any travel ideas you may have and are ready to show you the beauties of our area! On request, we will organize your stay according to your preferences. Among some adventures that you might enjoy are: hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, bicycle tours, and nature excursions in a horse-drawn cart. You can experience hands-on training in several of the arts and crafts for which Romania is known, such as hand-painting icons according to the orthodox tradition, mini-courses in culinary cuisine, learning the use of medicinal plants and the art of woodcarving. (We can also show you free-range bears-an experience that all of our visitors in the past year enjoyed tremendously!) Our success in offering you these unique experiences is partly due to the fact that we have developed a system of regional cultural exchanges between schools and occupational institutes that have courses and training similar to ours.

We have contacts throughout Romania, and in case we cannot satisfy your individual requests, we will find a solution by means of our network guesthouses in Romania.

 Visits by car :
Day 1:Starchiojd - Bucharest - Starchiojd
Day 2:Starchiojd - Crasna Monastery - Valenii de Munte - Slon - Starchiojd
Day 3 :Starchiojd - Valenii de Munte - Cheia - Brasov - Bran - Prahova Valey - Starchiojd
Day 4 :Starchiojd - Nehoiu - Sighisoara - the saxon citadels - Starchiojd
Day 5 :Starchiojd - Valenii de Munte - Slanic (the salt mine) - Zamfira Monastery - Ploiesti - Starchiojd
Day 6 : The "Wine Trail" of Starchiojd - Valea Calugareasca - Starchiojd. Visit and taste the wine at the famous cellars of Prahova).
Day 7 :On the way to the "mud volcanos": Starchiojd to Magura (camp of stone sculpture), then visit the Ciolanu Monastery and finally, Berca (mud volcanos).
Day 8 :Discover the region in a horse-drawn cart on small dirt tracks, sometimes muddy-but that's part of the charm! (We have routes for several days).
Day 9 :Visits to the sheep folds of the mountain.
Day 10 :Visits to the Monasteries - Suzana - Crasna - Zamfira - Ghighiu
Day 11 :Meeting with the craftsmen of the area, painters of icons and woodcarvers.
Day 12 :Visit to the humanitarian association "Pro Vita" of our village. Your compassion for these children will give you an opportunity to help "Pro Vita" in the ongoing care of approximately 200 youngsters.
Day 13 :If you wish to really discover the work-a-day life of countless Romanians, you can help us on our mini farm. We could use your assistance at any season of the year!


Dorin and Maria Paraschiv Guest House, Starchiojd village, Grui street, Prahova county, Romania

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Phone : 0040 766564117