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Agrement of Rumania Tourism Ministery n° 5206 / 11.12.2001



Comments From Several of Our Visitors….


From a Swiss couple delighted with their lodging here with us:

Oh, how much we appreciated the serenity of the days spent in Romania (unfortunately very few days) with you, in your village. We also want to send you the following messages:

a) Congratulations to you, Dorin for the perfect organization of our stay with you, for the warm welcome you arranged for us in Bucharest and for all the trips and discoveries you made possible for us! You took all the initiatives, paid attention to all our needs and took good care of us along the way. You also made our trip to Suceava perfect. We are more than grateful…

b) A great big thanks to Maria, a real expert in cooking Romanian specialties, who cooked for us all sorts of delicious foods---an experience that permitted us to appreciate a variety of specialties previously unknown to us. The food tastes perfect when she cooks!

c) We also want to send our appreciation to your two lovely children. We really enjoyed their laughing, singing, and creativity as well as their courteous, friendly ways. They certainly reflect the stable, loving family life that you and Maria provide for them.

To sum up, we’d like to send you our deepest thanks. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate the trips you made possible for us, among which were the discovery of the muddy volcanoes with their strange, moon-scape settings. We were also delighted to see the salt mines in which we discovered a most therapeutic atmosphere. (The salty air seemed very beneficial to us!) Amazing! Amazing!

The most charming and rustic trip was, of course, the one in the cart, which, despite the rain that joined us for a while, left us with a strong impression---breathtakingly beautiful scenery enhanced by the steady sound and rhythm of the horses’ hooves on the path. We will always treasure those moments.

The unexpected meeting with your friend who is a master wood carver was a real delight. We were enthralled by his agile hands and creativity…. with which, in a few short moments, he ‘breathed life’ into what had previously been an inert piece of wood! We also had the opportunity to meet another friend of yours—the icon painter who was very sociable and who also spoke French fluently!

Which one was the most impressive experience? We think the visit we made to the orphanage. We suddenly found ourselves so insignificant and so powerless, as we became aware of the many real problems that exist for those youngsters……

My wife looked forward each afternoon to her visit to your kitchen, where she and Maria (who speaks French so well) were able to chat and exchange ideas about so many things! Moreover, the visit made by my wife to your neighbours—where she discovered the art of carpet weaving -- (I regret missing this—maybe next time) was a special experience…as was her attempt to milk the cow for the first time! Poor cow!

The trip we made to Bran Castle and the night spent there was also a memorable experience. We had a qualified guide-driver-translator who did his best to make us comfortable. The next big stop in our trip was in northern Romania. It was beyond words! We had the opportunity (which you made possible for us) to meet the man responsible for managing the little travel agency in Suceava. He was a great help to us.

We hope, in time, with God's help, that we’ll have the pleasure to see you again. It was a rustic holiday, we agree, but over and above all, it was a magical, out-of-the-ordinary holiday that we’ll never forget!

THANK YOU FOR ALL and BRAVO for all your initiatives. Best wishes to your family!

From a Swiss couple happy of their lodging here .

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Dorin and Maria Paraschiv  Guest House, Starchiojd village, Grui street, Prahova county, Romania

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