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Comments From Several of Our Visitors….


Hello to all!
I just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful stay with your family, Dorin. We were sorry not to see you, but your wife Maria looked after us so well. William and Alice enjoyed playing with your children, and we thought the village so friendly. It was the highlight of our trip to Romania.
Godd bye, Caroline Cooter (England)

From Eliane Roussel (France)

My dear Dorin and Maria, I had the chance to experience your warm reception, in such an intimate and warm lodging where one can feel as if it were his own home! But what impressed me most was the beautiful relationship that exists between your family and others, and your innate ability of getting acquainted with all the people and making them feel comfortable. I was extremely happy to find out about how icons are painted and how the wood is carved.
Goodbye, now, until my next visit to Romania!

From Christelle and Jean Marc (Poitiers, France)

This year, we had the joy of seeing Romania almost as if we were locals, as we took part in the Orthodox wedding ceremony between our relative Gérard and Adina, whose family lives in the village of Starchiojd. We felt like part of Dorin's family and we hope to return next summer.

From Christian and Nathalie (France)

We had unforgettable moments during our holiday at Dorin and Maria's place---a very warm reception, strolls in the mountains, breakfast with the shepherds, and visits to monasteries. We suggest that you come with us, and spend the time of your life with Dorin and Maria at their lodge in Starchiojd!

From Nicotine

Starchiojd-extraordinary, unbelievable reception, perfect rooms, delicious meals (try not to gain too much weight!)-all were fantastic beyond words. I advise everyone to come and stay at Dorin and Maria's. You won't regret it. I'm sure of that!

From Dominique (Briancon, France)

I have the most beautiful memories about meeting your family-so sweet and warm! The region you inhabit is exceptionally beautiful. I recommend travellers stop by in Starchiojd to be hosted by Dorin and Maria!

From Carolinda (Paris, France)

"Buna Ziua, copii!" I thank you for your warm reception and your outstanding hospitality. You always provided us with something new to see and experience! I sincerely recommend that Romanian travellers stop by and meet your friendly family. All the best wishes to you! Sweet kisses to your children! "La revedere!"

From Richard, Eduard, Huguette and Jessica (Grenoble, France)

Hello Dorin. Hello Maria. Hello children. Once again, thank you for your being so sweet and welcoming-so Romanian-like! We say 'Good Bye' for now, but we hope to meet again-soon.

From Canada: "Tanti Bonjour"

Hello Dorin and Maria! I'm visiting your new website which is great! I just wanted you to know I miss Romania, especially Starchiojd, so much! I vividly remember its peace and calm! I'm sending you photos I took during my stay with you. See you soon!

From Kim (Paris, France)

A big THANK YOU for my incredible stay in Romania. I thank your friend for joining me on my visit to Ploiesti (in Dacia). The minibus was roomy and it reached Bucharest quickly. The driver directed me to the other minibus I had to take to Tulcea and I had a lot of good luck there. Also, the Danube Delta is beyond words. I was fascinated by the pristine landscape and the beautiful birds in flight. I found the cuisine to be very special. Thank you again for suggesting I visit Romania. I was impressed by your people-by everything. A big 'hello' to Maria, Maria and Andrei and to Maria's mother.
With affection,

From Yves and Francine Rouserez (Belgium)

We send our best wishes to you and your wife Maria and your lovely children, Andrei and Maria. All the best to you for the year 2004. We wish you have a great year and everything goes well for you. We think about you a lot and we hope to visit Starchiojd again some day, to continue what we have started: discovering your country and your people.

From Isabelle Ekoué (France, studying in Romania)

Hello! We have just arrived in Craiova! We are grateful for the beautiful moments we spent with you. The whole atmosphere was fantastic and the places we visited were extremely interesting.

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Dorin and Maria Paraschiv  Guest House, Starchiojd village, Grui street, Prahova county, Romania

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