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Agrement of Romania Tourism Ministery n 5206 / 11.12.2001


Sibiu, the medieval town


Sibiu unites the medieval and modern environmental aspects of living. It is situated in the historical region of Transylvania, in the central portion of Romania.


Located on Neolitic settlements, and still preserving traces of the ancient Roman fortress Cedonia, the town of Sibiu's founding in the 12th Century has been documented, originally under the name of Cibinium. Being originally a Saxon colony, it had the name of Hermannstadt. Sibiu is also well-known for its foremost institution of learning, Lucian Blaga University.


In the historical centre of the town, tourists can find The Art Museum of Brukenthal. Opened in 1817, it exhibits a very large collection of paintings, antiquities and a collection of rare books. Also located here are the History Museum, the Natural Sciences Museum, etc.


In the Dumbrava Forest you can find the largest Open Museum in Europe: The Traditional Museum of Popular Arts, "Astra". It is comprised of traditional homes from the region; it will charm you by its tranquility!


The villages around Sibiu are the only places in the country where one can see buffaloes.


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