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Agrement of Romania Tourism Ministery n° 5206 / 11.12.2001



The Salt Mines of Slanic

This well-known landmark---the Salt Mines of Slanic---are situated about 30 km from our village of Starchiojd. We can take you there! It is an amazing salty, underground journey. Even the air and water are permeated with salt!

Old caverns of salt are still being utilized. Slanic's salt mines have become a favourite place for tourists. They are also training centers for sportsmen.

In a small miner's elevator, lit by only one bulb, you will descend to a depth of about 200 metres. Don't forget to take a pullover sweater or jacket, because the air is quite brisk.

Underground, you will be impressed by the height of the cavernous gallery. Put your finger on the wall and lick…The taste of salt will surprise you. The salt is everywhere, even in the air!

No, it's not a hallucination. Inside the mine, the children are sliding on the salt surface and swinging. People are playing football or badminton, and jogging. A part of the salt mine is reserved for the high-level sportsmen.
Return to ground level and continue your visit! At the Museum of Salt, you will discover the working conditions of the miners during every period of exploitation.
If it's a sunny afternoon, go to "Baia Baiciului" (Lake of the Herdsman), also in Slanic. In this lake of salty water (400 km from the Black Sea-the nearest sea), you will have no flotation problem, because the concentration of the salt is extremely high.
Observe everything around you, and you will see cliffs of salt. Swim, jump off the diving board (5 metres in height), take advantage of the sun and relax. It's your holiday! Baia Baiciului's facilities allow you to take a shower of pure water to wash away the salt and some mud (also considered to be therapeutic)!

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